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Old people to prevent "osteoporosis" disease, eat what can be more

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With the continuous spring rain, the slippery road surface may cause fatal damage to the elderly. Because a fall can break hands and feet in elderly people with osteoporosis.

Fracture and bone pain are prone to osteoporosis after 70 years old

"Osteoporosis" is a systemic metabolic skeletal disease and a manifestation of human aging. In women 5-10 years after menopause, the elderly are prone to osteoporosis after 70 years of age due to calcium loss. It is manifested by a slight fall on the fracture, or general joint pain. How to prevent that? Good skeletal health and muscle function can not be separated from adequate vitamin D, calcium and protein. He pointed out that the prevention of severe osteoporosis can be achieved by supplementing calcium and vitamin D, or even anti-osteoporosis drugs. Therefore, it can effectively reduce the risk of fracture caused by osteoporosis and alleviate the symptoms of systemic bone pain.

What to eat more calcium?

As for calcium supplement, the elderly should take part in outdoor activities with plenty of sunshine and not stay at home all day. Meanwhile, they should eat more foods rich in calcium (such as shrimp skin, milk, beans, etc.), maintain a balanced diet with low salt and adequate protein, and avoid smoking and drinking (the daily drinking volume should be controlled within 570 ml of standard beer, 60 ml of liquor, 240 ml of wine or 120 ml of aperitif). Try not to drink coffee, if you can not quit coffee, try to drink less. Vitamin D should be supplemented at the same time of calcium supplementation, otherwise it is difficult to absorb.